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Vrasna, a traditional village

The history of the village of Vrasna is lost in deep history. Many traces of habitation and existence of life from the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C. have been found.

Until 1918 Vrasna was known as Vrasta, named after an older city. Today, Vrasna is considered the traditional village of Orfanos bay. Amphitheatrically manufactured on a green-clad, at the foot of mountain Kerdyllia, Vrasna is the place to enjoy a seducing time travel.

By Georgios86 -, CC BY 3.0,
House in Vrasna_By Georgios86 -, CC BY 3.0,

The village is considered the perfect location to enjoy panoramic views of the bay and admire local architecture. You can also visit the folklore museum, the bell-tower of the Assumption of The Virgin church, the Byzantine Castle and the Fortress complex. If you visit the area during August, you can enjoy the local festival, the oil feast and the Folk night. In your visit to the village, do not miss the opportunity to taste local meat and cheese plates at the local small restaurants located in the main square.

Traditional village of Vrasna
Traditional village of Vrasna


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